Did you know that 80% of widows leave their family financial advisor upon the death of their husbands?

Have you ever lost a female client and not known why, or what you could have done to prevent it?

Based on hundreds of interviews and extensive research, we know women don’t feel understood or respected by the financial community, including advisors, and they believe their gender plays a huge role in this!

The result is that newly single women, widowed or divorced, are leaving their “family” financial advisor.

There is a pretty good chance that if it hasn’t already happened to you it will.As boomers age and begin to die, their wives will inherit and control the family assets for some time.Additionally even single women with assets are becoming increasingly demanding of the financial community. They want more service, a better, stronger personal connection with their advisor and if they aren’t getting it – are ready to look elsewhere.

You may be secure in thinking that none of your female clients are about to leave you – but do you really know or are you just assuming?

If there was a way of knowing in advance who among your female clients are at greatest risk of leaving you, most likely you would want to know. Because once you identify who they are you will certainly be ahead of the game in terms of using your time and resources to their greatest advantage. You will be able to focus your attention on the women at greatest risk of leaving.

How to Evaluate the Risk of Female Clients Leaving You is an easy to follow course accompanied by a proprietary Risk Calculator designed for advisors who would like to know if any of their valuable female clients are at risk – so they can take steps to prevent it.

Course Description

“How to Evaluate the Risk of Female Clients Leaving” is presented in two easy to follow Lessons. Each section includes a discussion, helpful tips and a powerful, proprietary but easy to use tool: the Risk Calculator.

Lesson 1 – The Importance of Finding the Risk
Exercise 1.1 – Risk Calculator: Finding the Risk

Lesson 2 – Assessing the Risk in Your Book
Exercise 2.1 – Risk Calculator: Assessing the Risk in Your Book