If you are reading this it is most likely because you have recognized the value of female clients but are not sure what makes them “tick”-- or how you can turn them into clients.

You may have had what you thought were great meetings with prospective female clients only to be disappointed when you did not hear back from them. Or you may have trouble talking to or understanding some of your existing female clients.None of this is surprising, women make financial decisions, including who they select as their advisor, very differently than men.

But you can’t just afford to ignore the female market – because today women are more highly educated and have more money than ever before in history!


  • 43% of investors with investable assets of $500,000 or more are women
  • 40% of women out-earn their husbands
  • $3.2 trillion, the financial assets that women control in North America

Women can no longer be seen as a niche market -- they are the market!

Understanding how women make financial decisions is the key to growing your practice exponentially!

Traditionally some financial advisors have failed to understand and recognize the fundamental differences between how men and women relate to money and make financial decisions. That is why we say, “It’s what you don’t know about women that can hurt you.”

In this course you will learn that if you want to retain and attract female clients you must engage women in a way that is meaningful to them.And the first step is understanding the differences between how they think and make financial decisions.

Course Description

To make it easy for you, we have divided this course “How Women Make Financial Decisions” into three easy to follow Lessons. Lessons include examples, case studies, illustrative tables, quizzes, helpful tips and Cheat Sheets.

Lesson 1 – Why Women Think Differently than Men
Quiz 1 Test your Knowledge

Lesson 2 – How Women make Decisions
Quiz 2.1 Test your Knowledge
Cheat Sheet 2.2 – Female Friendly Actions

Lesson 3 – How Women Prefer to Interact with their Financial Advisor
Cheat Sheet 3. 1 – Interacting with Female Clients
Cheat Sheet 3. 2 – Personal Notes

As you work your way through “How Women Make Financial Decisions”, you will gain a much deeper understanding of women’s expectations of the financial community.

So while this course is specifically about Understanding Women, the insights you gain will help you grow your practice and improve your relationships with all clients, male and female – and ultimately make you a better, more successful advisor.

However, none of this will happen overnight, nor will it happen by simply reading the lessons. You must be prepared to learn and adapt your style to new situations.

Women are shrewd judges of character and they will see through you immediately if you are not 100 percent genuine in your efforts.
So be prepared to be honest with yourself and learn to recognize your own biases. You can’t “fake” it.

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