What You Need to Know

The Art of Acquiring Female Clients


Fact – being a financial advisor is challenging. No matter how great you are at recommending sound financial choices, at the end of the day, if you want to be truly successful you have to bring in new clients, and that means prospecting.

The good news – there has never been a better time to prospect because there is a huge untapped market looking for financial advice – women.

Today, women represent the largest, wealthiest, most profitable market ever and they are looking for financial advisors they can connect with.

Did You Know?

  • 73% of women are “unhappy” with the financial services industry, but went on to state that they were more than willing to work with or switch to providers who understand them better.
  • A Charles Schwab study found that 87% of high-net-worth women do not have a preference for their advisor’s gender.

More good news – adapting your prospecting skills to reach this lucrative market is easy but it does require more than hobnobbing on the golf course or glad-handing at social functions -- because women relate to finances very differently than men.

Advisors who have succeeded in building their book through high-net-worth women have done so because they learned the secret of connecting with women.

Whether you have been a financial advisor for years and have a mature practice or you are just starting out, you are guaranteed to find this course valuable.

Not learning how to pursue female investors represents an enormous missed opportunity for your future success.

In this course, you not only learn how and where to find high-net-worth female investors, but how to relate to them in a way that resonates with them so they become clients.


“The Art of Acquiring Female Clients” includes easy-to-follow lessons with case studies, illustrative tables, examples and helpful tips. Also included are 10 valuable Cheat Sheets that you can refer to time and again. Cheat Sheets can be found at the end of each lesson as well as in a convenient library in Section 5.

While this course is specifically about acquisition, the new skills you learn will help grow your practice and improve your relationships with all clients, male and female – and ultimately make you a better, more successful advisor.


  • Accept that you are a salesperson first
  • Getting the most out of the course

SECTION 1 – Where to Find Qualified Women
Lesson #1 – How and Why to Target Your Efforts
Lesson #2 – Where to Get Names and How to Manage Them
Lesson #2 – Cheat Sheet 1 & 2
Lesson #3 – How to get Help Building your Database
Lesson #3 – Cheat Sheet 3
Lesson #4 – How to Qualify the Prospects in your Database
Lesson #4 – Cheat Sheet 4, 5, 6 & 7
Lesson #5 – How to Make Sure they take Your Call
Lesson #5 – Cheat Sheet 8

SECTION 2 – How to Connect with Women
Lesson #1 – Understanding how Women Relate to Money
Lesson #2 – Four Basic Skills to Master to Win with Women
Lesson #2 – Cheat Sheet 9
Lesson #3 – Understanding the Rule of Reciprocity
Lesson #4 – Learning to Connect Well

SECTION 3 – “Selling” Yourself to Female Prospects
Lesson #1 – Know Who You Are
Lesson #2 – When and How to Talk about Yourself

SECTION 4 – Following up with Women
Lesson #1 – The Goldilocks Rule
Lesson #2 – Following up the Right Way
Lesson #3 – When is the Right Time to Ask her to Become a Client
Lesson #3 – Cheat Sheet 10

SECTION 5 Cheat Sheet Library
For your convenience, all ten Cheat Sheets are archived here

Don't Delay! Tap into the power of women and start building your practice today.